Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 8: Moon Tides

Saturday's dry channel is now underwater.

The entire marsh was transformed by the moon tide, i.e. the spring tide, which is completely unrelated to the season. Nor does it have anything to do with the recent winter solstice/ lunar eclipse that everyone slept through. Flooding occurs twice a month: once on the full moon and once on the new moon. This just happened to be the first time I was around to see it.

Upon arrival I found the main pool filled with Canadians and black ducks. They predictably evaded the paparazzi.

Our plotting and scheming paid off. Saturday's heroic log-removal efforts allowed the incoming tide to consolidate the debris and push it up to the bank for easy raking. Some may recall one massive chunk of dock that we couldn't budge, even with ten people tugging. Today it became a floating platform and wheelbarrow ferry. Very effective, in a Huck Finn sort of way:

It's starting to look like ... a marsh.

High of 39, wind NNE @ 11 MPH, -.6 low tide @ 2:42 PM, water level at 6-inch mark. Water by culvert frozen.
Birds seen: black brant, Canadian geese, common mergansers, cardinal, black ducks
Other: raccoon and possum tracks along main path

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