Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 5: Ice

The marsh is frozen, with a half-inch of ice covering the pond. So Stu and I focused on clearing the dry channel using the wheelbarrow, which made light work of the smaller wood debris. This trusty vehicle should prove even handier when the pond freezes solid. It will be like ice-road trucking but with one tire and no hemi.

The passerines were bold today. Irene captured a yellow-rumped warbler, black-capped chickadee and cardinal. On the bay side we saw a flotilla of skittish American wigeon and what looked like mergansers. I failed to capture a before/after so this hero shot will have to do:

All photos by Irene

High of 32, wind from WNW @ 12 MPH, -.1 low tide @4:09 PM, water level at -.5 inch mark. Birds seen: warbler, chickadee, cardinal, wigeon, merganser, black brant, gulls
Other: 2 in. mussels seen on marsh side of dune. Large cockle clams exposed on beach. Raccoon, possum and cat tracks in sand.

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