Thursday, July 18, 2013

Before and after Hurricane Sandy

Updated images from Google Earth show the marsh before and after Hurricane Sandy. Notice in the 2012 image the new channels into the marsh, just another opportunity for natural flooding to take place. Also the absence of debris is remarkable.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Your Park Your Health interns show their strength

One of the most highly motivated group of awesome human beings I have had the honor to work with during a much-needed cleanup day.

Sheridan Roberts, Park Guide / Internship Coordinator at the National Park Service and her Your Park Your Health interns, Liang Yi Jiang, Basil Masood, Sabirah Abdus-Sabur, David Monroy, Ani Coaderaj, JustinKallickal, Erick M. Melgar, and Vincent Wong.
High of 79 °F | Humidity (avg) 77% | Wind @ 12 mph (NE) | High Tide 4.9 ft. @ 11:21 AM | Moon 17% visible.