Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 52: Give 'em an inch, they'll take a pile

The Marsh Makers' mission was to remove all of the trash piles that had accumulated over the months. This would prevent the debris from spreading around the landscape.

A trash burrito (rolled into a tarp) made it easier to move it off the truck bed into the dumpster.

A rare find: an Alexander doll.

One could not ask for a more committed, hard working group: Francesca, Lisa, Genie, Sheridan, Martin, Kim-Nora.

High of 52 °F | Humidity (avg) 60% | Wind @ 6 mph (ENE) | High Tide 5.3 ft. @ 9:41 AM | Moon 75% visible.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 51: The Three Marshkateers

Genie, Martin and Kim-Nora continued removing a pile consisting of an unsightly mix of plastic (mostly small broken pieces) and organic matter (mostly phragmites).

When it came to unloading the back of the truck into the dumpster we employed a technique devised by Genie, who had brought a tarp. The tarp was laid down to cover the truck bed. And onto that tarp we piled the debris from our wheelbarrow and buckets. Since the tarp’s full load was too heavy to pull off the truck into the dumpster, we forked off enough debris until we could fold the tarp over like a taco. And then we could drag the remaining load off the tailgate into the dumpster.

It was a wet, messy, cool day and we were covered in grit from top to bottom.


High of 57 °F | Humidity (avg) 93% | Wind @ 11 mph (NNE) | High Tide 5.1 ft. @ 5:11 AM | Moon 75% visible.