Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 6: Slush

Icy slush now carpets the main pool. As the water repeatedly thawed and froze over the past week, debris from the central flats worked it's way toward the culvert. It will make for easy gathering next spring. But for now, the frozen top layer is too brutal on the shins to justify a dip.

A flotilla of around 30 common mergansers bobbed around the jetty throughout the day:

Started clearing plastic debris by tub and dolly. The rest of the day was spent organizing for Saturday's event, when we hope to have a dozen volunteers clearing the dry parts of the marsh.

High of 29, wind WNW @ 20 MPH, 4. high tide @2:48 PM, water level at 2 inch mark.
Birds seen: common merganser, mallard, Canadian geese, black brant, mockingbird

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