Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 7: Winter Marsh Day

Rocky Point enjoyed a major victory today, with 19 volunteers showing up for our first "Marsh Day." We commenced with a ceremonial releasing of peace raccoons (actually two unwanted tenants from Tony's shop.) It was perfect marshing weather: above freezing, zero wind, and the warm glow of the low December sun. Most of the coats had come off by the end of the day.

Half the group collected small debris:

The other half hauled logs, some weighing in excess of 400 lbs. After yelling 1, 2, 3, HEAVE! all day, Caspar considered a career as a Viking slave-master.

The goal was to clear the channel before the next moon tide. With the wood removed, the water will push the remaining debris onto higher ground, where it will be easier to remove. We accomplished the task in less than four hours. You can land an airplane in there now. Well... a model airplane.

Does anyone have a fireplace?

We ended the day tired but inspired. Cecilia and Kenny made another contribution by testing the strength of the ice for us. They discovered it wasn't very strong. Thanks for letting us know! Bring an extra pair of socks next time...

Many thanks to Jay, Tina, Cecilia, Kenny, Sherman, James, Tung, Stacy, Montana, John and his kids, Stu, Caspar, Cory, Brock, Don and his friend, Irene, Tony and the American Museum of Natural History for your hard, hard work. Happy Holidays.

All photos by Irene

High of 35, wind NNW @ 1 MPH, .2 low tide @11:37 AM, water level unrecorded. Pond frozen.
Birds seen: black brant, mockingbird

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  1. Hey Irene Great photos! Thanks to Shervin and Tony and the rest of the National Parks gang for all of the support work. Thanks to the YouthCaNers for getting up and out on a saturday morning. It was a BEAUTIFUL winter day in the marsh, the golden browns and clear blue skies and lots of smiles! Great crew! I hope we can get out again soon.

    Nice hat Caspar! How did I miss that? :)