Monday, September 5, 2011

Underwater timelapse test

Before undertaking my post-hurricane survey I took advantage of the 6.5' high tide to shoot a new variation on the falling tide timelapse. The idea manifested last week in the recycling room of our apartment building, where I discovered sitting beside the cardboard bin a perfectly sound terrarium containing nothing but a few dead crickets.

The tide was one of the largest all summer, flooding the marsh with the usual suspects plus a few new visitors. Small schools of baby bluefish, or snappers as they're locally known, patrolled the channels for silversides and killifish. At eight inches or so, they're the largest fish I've encountered in the marsh. A belted kingfisher also made several flybys but never took a dive.

Here's the setup (photo taken at the end of the shot).

And the timelapse, documenting one hour of peak drainage reduced to 15 seconds.


  1. First of all congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. Secondly, in regard to the high tide, yesterday (Sunday) I was able to paddle my kayak into and up that first little stream from the bay and even made the first left towards the marsh. It has never been that deep.
    Keep up the great work and see you on the 17th,

  2. I wish I'd seen that. If it weren't for the logjam you could have paddled up the west channel all the way to the osprey platform. Take a picture of yourself next time!