Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 42: Search and destroy

The combination of zero wind, 100% humidity and droning rain activated Rocky Point's resident mosquitos into full attack mode. They had the egret shaking like a golden retriever.

But we never abort an operation due to hostile conditions. The only exposed part of my body was my face, which I generously slathered with bug dope. Moshe, however, went full-on commando.

There was a lot of post-cleanup cleanup to do in the main channel.

Rambo's Moshe's strategy was to melt into the undergrowth, silently creep up on the logs and take them out one by one. He was nearly thwarted when a mosquito slipped under his face net. Evasive counter-insurgency maneuvers kept him in the game.

We then turned our attention to the remaining logs in Matchstick Alley. The aim was to remove them before the big flush next week, when a rare seven-foot tide will bore through the recently cleared channel. Those two monsters on the right will have to wait for the next chainsaw session.

Targets eliminated. But wait, where's Moshe? Moshe?

High of 71, max humidity 100%, average wind () @ 5 MPH, 5.6 high tide @ 04:46 PM. Moon 26% visible.
Water level recorded at 5" mark.
Birds seen in marsh: belted kingfisher, green heron, great egret

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