Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 3: 4X the Power, 4X the Fun

Many firsts to report. Today, Irene and Brooklynites Rob and Kip became the first new volunteers to hit the marsh. It was my first time on the site without Tony, and Irene captured our first "disturbing shot of the day":

She also captured our first "tragic irony shot of the day":

Kip took a photo when Irene jumped in to help with one long piece:

We battled logs for four grunting hours, undoubtedly to justify tomorrow's pumpkin pie binge.

And binge we will.

My utmost gratitude to these three for giving the channel a major facelift. Once my volunteer army is assembled no marsh trash will be safe. Happy Thanksgiving.
Low 50s, wind from NW @ 13 MPH, -.1 low tide @3:30 PM, water level at 2-inch mark. Birds seen: black brant, cardinals, warblers.

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  1. Ha! Figures it would take a professional cameraman to take a photo that truly reveals my diesel physique + hardcore work ethic.