Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cleanup Day 1

Wednesday, November 10 was my first day in the slosh. I started in the southeast pond, which at three feet (.5 fathoms) is the deepest water on the site. My maiden immersion was cut short by Tony's "heritage" waders, which were shot through with more holes than one of those deer crossing signs. I leapt out before my socks got saturated and Tony brought me my Simms waders which I guess I'll be using from now on.

Some of the larger timbers we extracted will later be used to construct an osprey platform on the site. I saw several yellow-rumped warblers (aka butterbutts), and on the beach side, a herring gull with its head buried inside a gray triggerfish. These fish are common sight around Caribbean reefs. They range north to Nova Scotia.

Finished around 5:00 PM with my fingers slightly grated from pushing logs around. Long-cuff PVC gloves next week.

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  1. i'd love to lend a hand. please email me, to let me know what weekend would work best.