Sunday, March 24, 2013

CUNY oceanography students learn by doing

Dr. K. Schnaars Uvino’s CUNY Oceanography students visit the Marsh to observe and record what they see in the wrack line along the shore. Then they get their hands dirty to help with the clean up effort, a project which will be ongoing for many years to come. I was heartened that the students noticed the huge amounts of plastic and polystyrene debris in the environment. Perhaps seeing the human refuse that clogs the planet's natural systems will lead to revised consumption trying to avoid [as much as possible] buying products that are packaged in one-use plastics.

All but the last four images are a photo essay created by Erin Rodriguez (third from the right).

Fredericka Dauvergne, Tyerence E. Brown, Ozana Gutierrez, Rachel Brander, Erin Rodriguez, Julia Marrone, and Rob Casimiro (left to right).

Kim-Nora explaining where to look for the wrack line and how to log observations of what’s found there.

Tyerence E. Brown doing a stellar clean up job in Rocky Point Marsh.

Rob Casimiro focuses on the small details of liberating the Marsh from human debris.

Fredericka Dauvergne…probably wondering which of the thousands of pieces of plastic to pick up first.

Fredericka Dauvergne, Tyerence E. Brown, and Rob Casimiro (left to right).

High of 47 °F | Humidity (avg) 48% | Wind @ 9 mph (NW) | High Tide 4.9 ft. @ 6:14 AM | Moon 88% visible.

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