Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 47: Into the wood pile

We're all sorry to see Shervin go. But our work here will continue as a result of the inspiration gained from his focus and efforts to bring Rocky Point Marsh back to life. As the cleanup saga continues I will add images and writings of my own.

Today Marty, Urszula and Kim-Nora hauled away two truck loads of wood from this pile. Not much of a visible dent was made but it's still progress.

And this is where the wood ended the camp ground at Floyd Bennett Field. Next time, if the chainsaw is working we might be able to make that pile disappear faster.

High of 56 °F | Humidity (avg) 66% | Wind @ 5 mph (W)  | High Tide 4.8 ft. @ 02:24 PM | Moon 41% visible.

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