Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 15: Possum Nights

Work kept me away from Breezy for the past two weeks, assuring there'd be plenty to do. The water was at it's lowest point because of the quarter moon phase, but the droning rain transformed the marsh into the consistency of cookie dough. I spent the day cursing the wheelbarrow while attempting to clear the middle channel. Only one brute of a log refused me.

Didelphis virgiana dominated the past fortnight's camera trappings with seven nocturnal appearances.

Raccoons walked by on three nights. They are now using the wood pile as a boardwalk.

And we added another species: Easter bunny.

Two humans walked by on Saturday the 26th toting plastic grocery bags. Were they Breezy Pointers picnicking in the marsh? Shortcutters en route from Kate's Market Place? I'm intrigued by these people because A) the place might be the most remote corner of NYC, and B) the trail leads directly to the muckiest part of the marsh. Hopefully the bags and their contents left the way they came.

High of 48, average wind S @ 17 MPH, -.1 low tide @ 2:44 PM, water level unrecorded.
Birds seen in marsh: crow
Birds seen in bay: black duck, black brant, American wigeon, red-breasted merganser, grebe
Camera trap activity since 2/20: possum on 7 nights; raccoon on 4 nights; cats (Drew, Ghengis, Cameron) on 9 days/nights; rabbit on 1 night; 2 humans on 1 day

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