Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 13: Marsh Traffic

Kim Nora and I were back to hauling logs and Firestones today.

Snow covered much of the debris, but had melted sufficiently to let us clear a decent-sized area near the main channel. In this instance the before-shot actually looks prettier, but I assure you that beneath those fluffy pillows of white lurked a formidable pile of trash.

We finished the cleanup by culling good boards from the wood pile for future projects. Meanwhile, Broc cut the remaining wood duck holes and built another box. I finished the remaining two and now our first round of recycling is complete. Next project: bat houses.

It was a good week for recording the movements of marsh dwellers. The first camera trap capture was of a tomcat, who, judging by his bounteous equipage, has likely fathered half the kittens in Breezy Point. We'll call him Genghis.

The only other cat to pass by during the ten days of surveillance was a black and white specimen of questionable gender we'll call Drew. Drew entered the marsh Friday morning and left Sunday morning.

A duo of raccoons visited on three nights, arriving between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM and lingering for an average of four hours before exiting the way they'd entered. Could they be the pair that used to squat in Tony's shop? My infrared dimming filter proved to be overkill since they tended to stick close to the wood pile. This was the only one to look at the camera.

High of 40, wind W @ 10 MPH, 3.7 high tide @ 2:16 PM, water level unrecorded; ice has pulled yard stick out. All water frozen.
Birds seen in marsh: cardinal
Birds seen in bay: black duck, American wigeon
Over 10 days 2 cats photographed 3 times total. At least 2 raccoons photographed 8 times total.

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