Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Last night's snowstorm guaranteed today would be tough marshing. I went anyway, on a hunch that the tall grass would prevent at least some of the debris from getting buried. I was wrong.

After picking up a few chunks of foam (apparently the only trash impervious to snow), I decided today will be the day I explore the marsh. Not that I haven't before, but 90% of most days are spent toiling. Therefor I won't call this Cleanup Day 10, because there wasn't much cleanup going on.

The ground was littered with tracks. Miniature highways snaked around every log and sprout. Most of them were of the following four varieties: (The stick is exactly one foot long.)

I think they are 1) sparrow, 2) meadow vole, 3) eastern cottontail. I'm not sure about 4.

This was also my first opportunity to properly stalk the poor birds. 200 mm doesn't get you very close, so I had to rely on stealth, but not with the mockingbird. I could have walked up and kissed him if I was that kind of guy.

As I was snapping away, a flock of Canadians whooshed overhead. They had an intern.

The monstrous snow drifts on the jetty let me creep in close for a decent merganser shot.

Broc dropped by to check on me and scope out the boat he will be chainsawing next week.

After Broc and the birds left I pulled some winners out of our "interesting debris" pile and cast them in Toy Story 4: Toys in Swampland. In this scene, Private Billy and Pink Ape help Black Beauty back to her feet while Ollie Bengali looks on, salivating.

The whole day was a wonderful dose of solitude, a rare opportunity to take in the marsh and reflect on nothing. Next week back to work.

High of 32, wind WNW @ 18 MPH, 4. high tide @ 1:10 PM, water level at -10-inch mark. All water frozen.
Birds seen: black brant, Canadian geese, common merganser, northern harrier, black duck, American wigeon, northern mockingbird, ? sparrow, cardinal

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